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Specialized training course in cyber hygiene.

Cybersecurity begins with a user’s cyber hygiene.
Given that the weakest link in the cybersecurity system of any organization is the user, the International Cyber Academy, jointly with ISSP, has developed a unique, comprehensive program to raise cybersecurity awareness of staff and help them develop good cyber hygiene.

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Information campaign

In March 2019, a national information campaign #PasswordsMatter was held to raise public awareness of cybersecurity in Ukraine.
The focus of the campaign was on passwords.

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Development of

the National Digital Transformation Coalition.

In early September 2019, the Digital Transformation Coalition was created in Ukraine. The corresponding memorandum was signed on September 5 by 46 public and private institutions and organizations, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations, including the International Cyber Academy.
In the months since, dozens of other organizations have joined the coalition, and more are still joining.

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Formation of the Cybercrime Investigation Body of Knowledge.

The International Cyber Academy is participating in the formation of the Cybercrime Investigation Body of Knowledge (CIBOK), whose mission is to coordinate and share the knowledge, techniques, and approaches needed to investigate cybercrime, including the systematic management of cybercrime investigation resources and personnel.

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