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Development of the National Digital Transformation Coalition.

In early September 2019, the Digital Transformation Coalition was created in Ukraine. The corresponding memorandum was signed on September 5 by 46 public and private institutions and organizations, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations, including the International Cyber Academy.
In the months since, dozens of other organizations have joined the coalition, and more are still joining.

Similar national digital coalitions have been established in 23 European countries. They ensure transparent partnerships among subjects of digital transformation and promote the development of digital skills in EU Member States at the national, regional, and local levels.

The activities of the Ukrainian Digital Transformation Coalition will be aimed at consolidating and coordinating initiatives and efforts of all partners in the area of digital development and integration of Ukraine into the European digital space (the EU’s single digital market).

After all, digital transformation of the economy and society is a significant factor behind economic growth, job creation, improvement of the quality of life for citizens, and the development of democracy in Ukraine.

The key directions of cooperation within the memorandum are:

  • dissemination of information about modern digital technologies and their practical applications

  • creation and development of appropriate infrastructure to improve the digital skills of youth and society in general to promote employment and the effective application of digital potential

  • harmonization with the Digital Agenda and the Digital Single Market of the European Union

  • improved access to digital infrastructure and the internet

  • integration of digital technologies into production processes and industries

  • promotion of digital development in population centers and regions

  • promotion of digital technologies in scientific fields and the development of Ukrainian e-infrastructure

  • promotion of the development of creative industries, cybersecurity systems, and other areas of digital transformation in Ukraine

  • development of international cooperation in the field of digital technology and digital skills development

A number of working groups have been created in priority areas within the coalition. The head of the International Cyber Academy, Valerii Tsiupa, has taken the lead of the Cyber Security working group.

Participation in developing the Digital Transformation Coalition — and especially in enhancing cyber competences through innovative training programs — is one of the Cyber Academy’s priority projects.

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