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The International Cyber Academy is an innovative educational institution that aims to develop essential digital competencies and skills to tackle the growing challenges in the field of cybersecurity. We create a unique learning environment and carry out research and educational projects using cutting-edge interactive platforms and innovative solutions. Our goal is to effectively counter cyber risks that threaten government authorities and private enterprises, critical infrastructure, and the public sector. Additionally, we actively participate in international development projects and grant educational programs. 

The International Cyber Academy offers a range of corporate, proprietary, and international qualification programs tailored to learners with different levels of cybersecurity expertise. Our team has extensive experience in designing training programs to improve basic cyber competencies for both corporate and government sectors, including cyber awareness courses and cybersecurity training. In addition, we have developed specialized proprietary courses on popular and in-demand topics such as blockchain, analysis of cryptocurrency operations, and open-source intelligence (OSINT). 

As a certified academic partner of EC-Council, an international cybersecurity training and certification body, the Cyber Academy provides courses for qualification enhancement in ethical hacking, SOC analytics, cybersecurity forensics, and more. 

Additionally, we collaborate with well-known educational platforms, specialized international companies, and top-tier universities. We welcome further active collaboration with both domestic and international partners. Our focus is on educational initiatives that promote the development of digital ecosystems, enhance cybersecurity resilience, and implement advanced practices to combat large-scale cyber threats. Join us and become part of our initiatives! 

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