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Specialized training course in cyber hygiene.

Cybersecurity begins with a user’s cyber hygiene. Given that the weakest link in the cybersecurity system of any organization is the user, the International Cyber Academy, jointly with ISSP, has developed a unique, comprehensive program to raise cybersecurity awareness of staff and help them develop good cyber hygiene.

Our main technical platform for employee knowledge sharing and cyber risk assessment has been developed on the basis of a project implemented in 2015–2017 by the defense ministries of Estonia and Latvia in response to targeted cyberattacks.

This program has five components:

  1. Testing the present level of cyber hygiene of each employee using the CybExer online platform

  2. Training employees using the Cyber Hygiene program in automatic interactive mode (3 levels)

  3. Periodically assessing learning results by simulating real-world phishing attacks

  4. Targeted training classes from an experienced instructor for high-risk users

  5. Regular communication support and stimulation

Training under the Cyber Hygiene program will be useful for staff at companies of any size and in any industry, as well as for employees of educational, medical, and public bodies and institutions.

This program will be especially valuable for small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot afford complex systems for protecting information systems, as well as for enterprises managing critical infrastructure and institutions of national importance, as a cyberattack against them may have a massive adverse effect.

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