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Formation of the Cybercrime Investigation Body of Knowledge (CIBOK)

The International Cyber Academy is participating in the formation of the Cybercrime Investigation Body of Knowledge (CIBOK), whose mission is to coordinate and share the knowledge, techniques, and approaches needed to investigate cybercrime, including the systematic management of cybercrime investigation resources and personnel.

CIBOK has been organized in view of the following five objectives:

  1. Popularization and promotion of global commonsense thinking and a consistent approach to investigating cybercrime

  2. Positioning of systematized practices to determine the extent of cybercrime investigations

  3. Demonstration of cybercrime investigation practices

  4. Provision of structural guidelines for using CIBOK as an investigation roadmap for planning, conducting, and reviewing cybercrime investigations

  5. Demonstration of organizational and individual skills and knowledge required for cybercrime investigations

The official CIBOK training classes impart cybercrime investigation knowledge, skills, and techniques for things such as cybercrime identification, response, and investigation as required of law enforcement and corporate security personnel. Training is conducted through the official Cybercrime Investigation Knowledge Forum (CIKF) platform.

In addition to official CIBOK training classes, CIKF is capable of preparing subject experts in response to demand from both the public and private sectors.

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