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Experience exchange in local security: Cyber Academy participated in the international NATO conference

International Cyber Academy participated in the international conference 'Experience Exchange in Local Security: Eastern European Perspective,' held in Poland.

Valeri Tsiupa, CEO of the Academy, shared valuable insights into Ukraine's proactive measures against cyber threats, emphasizing the safeguarding of critical infrastructure.

In his presentation, Valeri also highlighted programs aimed at boosting cyber awareness among personnel in key ministries and agencies.

The conference fostered discussions on strategies to enhance the cyber resilience of governmental bodies and organizations. There was a shared recognition of the imperative for the continued development of international laws governing collaborative efforts in countering cyber risks.

The event brought together the participation of leading Ukrainian and Polish universities, local governance bodies, and experts.

International Cyber Academy remains committed to advancing international collaboration in the field of cybersecurity, actively contributing to donor projects and technical assistance initiatives. This collaborative approach is pivotal in reinforcing Ukraine's resilience against evolving global cyber threats.


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