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Cyber Hygieneas the foundation of security in a digital environment.


Program outline.

  • Testing the present level of cyber hygiene of each employee using the CybExer online platform

  • Training employees using the Cyber Hygiene program in automatic interactive mode (3 levels)

  • Periodically assessing learning results by simulating real-world phishing attacks

  • Targeted training classes from an experienced instructor for high-risk users

  • Regular communication support and stimulation



Full course – 2-3 days/12 hours

Intensive – 1 day / 8 hours

Tailored corporate online program - access to CybExer online platform for up to 1 year, including two-stage testing of the level of cyber resilience, a three-level training course, building an individual and a corporate matrix of resilience to cyber threats.


Cyber Hygiene Testing on the
CybExer Platform

  • The program targets managers, regular users, and specialists, addressing specific concerns and threats associated with each of these groups.

  • Testing and learning are based on analysis of everyday computer and device usage. Participants need to react to situations and questions they’re presented with during the course.

  • The test is not pass or fail. Instead, it seeks to identify specific risk areas in which participants may be affected.

  • Participants are assessed against a systemic risk matrix that highlights the level of risk along each threat vector.


Cyber Hygiene Learning on the
CybExer Platform

  • Unrestricted access to the platform allows users to learn and test themselves regularly at any interval.

  • The program is constantly updated to reflect relevant global, country-specific and industry-specific threats.

  • The learning process is supported by our trainers, project managers, and technical support team.


Targeted Cybersecurity
Training Courses

  • General Principles of Information Security

  • Social Engineering

  • Phishing: Email Attacks

  • Social Networks

  • Internet Browsing

  • Mobile Device Security

  • Passwords

  • Encryption

  • Data Security

  • Data Destruction

  • Safe Wi-Fi

  • Remote Work

  • Tech Support

  • IT Department

  • Physical Security

  • Protecting Your Personal Computer

  • You Have Been Breached. What Next?

  • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

  • Cloud Services

  • Security Steps


Phishing Attack Simulation.

  • Phishing emails are created and distributed to employees based on the results of their training and identified risk areas.

  • The surprise effect and personal experience provided by these emails significantly improves understanding of threats and negative consequences for the company.

  • Employees’ responses to the phishing attack simulation allow you to plan effective measures to deal with dangerous behavior: additional training, administrative penalties, etc.


Feedback and Encouragement.

  • Periodic newsletters informing employees about recent cyberattacks, current threats and other cybersecurity developments.

  • Distribution of articles, graphics and video materials to improve learning using associative memorization techniques.

  • Printed materials and souvenirs serving as reminders of the need to comply with cyber hygiene rules

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