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The project 'Foundations of Cyber Hygiene for Employees of Ukraine's Energy Sector' has been completed

Nearly seven thousand specialists have completed online training under the project 'Foundations of Cyber Hygiene for Employees of Ukraine's Energy Sector'.

The project's main objective is to enhance the knowledge level of key specialists from energy enterprises regarding digital hygiene, cyber threats, and methods to minimize potential breaches in the information systems of enterprises, which are crucial components of critical infrastructure and are continuously targeted by both Russian missiles and hacker groups from the aggressor country.

Initially scheduled for completion in November 2022, access to the project's learning platform was extended until February 2023 at the initiative of the project organizers. Therefore, for participants unable to access the online platform due to various reasons, educational materials were prepared and distributed.

Cyber skills enhancement took place within the Development Cooperation Partnership (DCP) program, with support from the US Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. This involved engaging Ukrainian and international experts and utilizing the Estonian cyber hygiene training platform CybExer.

The project was executed by the European Cyber Security Initiative (Estonia) and the International Cyber Academy (Ukraine), with additional contributions from experts at CybExer and the ISSP Training Center.

The gained experience will be utilized for further training personnel in energy companies. There is also consideration for organizing sector-specific cyber training, including cybersecurity tabletop exercises (TTX), tailored for both the energy sector and enterprises in other industries connected to critical infrastructure.


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