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International Cyber Academy and Pact assist the civil sector in becoming more cyber secure

The International Cyber Academy in partnership with Pact will enhance the level of cyber resilience of Ukrainian civil society organizations (CSOs). This collaboration will be conducted under the USAID/ENGAGE program, which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Pact.

Strengthening the cybersecurity of the civil sector will unfold in two directions. The first involves conducting comprehensive digital security audits for 30 CSOs actively participating in the ENGAGE program. The second involves developing a detailed digital security training program for partner CSOs and conducting a series of educational seminars for them.

Why is this important? Because non-governmental organizations, analytical centers, and the civil sector are increasingly becoming victims of cyberattacks. Unlike businesses and government institutions, CSOs typically pay less attention to protecting their digital assets, making them an easy target for cybercriminals.

Accordingly, the main goal of the collaboration between the International Cyber Academy and Pact is to strengthen the organizational capacity of partner CSOs of the ENGAGE program in the field of digital security by assessing their internal capabilities, identifying areas for improvement, and providing practical advice on strengthening security practices.

"To enhance the digital security of partner CSOs, Pact supports the development and implementation of a training program adapted to their specific needs, practices, policies, and issues identified during the assessment of CSOs' digital security. We aim to provide CSOs with the necessary skills and resources to strengthen digital protection and ensure the continuity of their important work," Ayder Khalilov, Senior Program Manager said.

Another significant objective is to increase the level of digital literacy of employees of partner CSOs recognizing that over 80% of cyberattacks stem from human error. To address this, the 'International Cyber Academy' will deliver an interactive course on cyber awareness for civil society organization teams.  Training sessions will be facilitated through an innovative cyber hygiene interactive platform.

"The International Cyber Academy has extensive experience in implementing educational programs on cyber resilience and cyber hygiene for critical infrastructure operators, ministries, agencies, and educational institutions. We are ready to share our expertise and support CSOs in minimizing the risks of hacker intrusion into their information networks and leakage of confidential information," Valeriy Tsupa, President of the International Cyber Academy explained.

The collaboration between the International Cyber Academy and Pact will last for five months. We will keep you informed about the main events and outcomes of the project.


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