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Developing Cyber Awareness of the Ukrainian Public Sector

The International Cyber Academy, in partnership with USAID/ENGAGE program, is conducting a series of cybersecurity training sessions for civil society organisations (CSOs).


The first training, focusing on cybersecurity basics, targets CSO staff members not directly engaged in cybersecurity - including communication and project teams, financial and administrative departments, and others. 

Over a hundred representatives from the public sector participated in the first workshop. 

During the training, CSO teams learned more about, among other things: 

  • Data security in cyberspace 

  • Common cyber threat types 

  • Data encryption techniques 

  • Best practices for handling corporate information 

  • Secure communication tools and channels  

"Civil society organisations are increasingly becoming victims of cyberattacks. Usually, due to limited human and financial resources, CSOs pay less attention to proper cyber defence, and this trend needs to change. That is why, in partnership with the International Cyber Academy, we are conducting a series of workshops tailored for both cybersecurity experts and general teams," said Ayder Khalilov, Senior Program Manager. 

A significant part of the training addressed attacks using social engineering tools, given that approximately 90% of corporate IT network breaches stem from human error. Participants received detailed guidance on avoiding falling victim to phishing campaigns and responding effectively to cyber intrusions. 

"We are ready to share our expertise and contribute to enhancing CSOs' cyber resilience. During ongoing war and constant russian cyberattacks, the importance of cyber defence of the public sector, which accumulates a lot of sensitive information, including data on volunteer assistance to the military and IDPs, cannot be overestimated. The training is being conducted using the Еstonian interactive cyber hygiene platform, which has proved effective in prior training stages for university teams and critical infrastructure operators," explains Valeriy Tsyupa, President of the International Cyber Academy. 

The training for CSOs is part of the USAID/ENGAGE program, which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Pact in Ukraine. 


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