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Foundations of Cybersecurity.


Target audience.

Staff of IT and management departments; specialists with basic knowledge of operating systems, computer network architecture, data warehouses, computer programming, etc.


Purpose of the program.

This program provides basic cybersecurity knowledge, introducing and teaching how to apply basic cybersecurity approaches and standards.



Program duration: 3 days / 24 hours
Language of instruction: Russian, English (by request)



1. General cybersecurity issues
1.1. Need for cybersecurity
1.2. Basics of data: data types (personal, financial, corporate) and statuses (stored, transmitted, processed)
1.3. CIA triad / Parkerian hexad
1.4. Technical basics
1.4.1. Computer security
1.4.2. Network / communication security
1.4.3. Security of applications / programs
2. Key aspects of modern threats and attacks
2.1. Fundamental issues of global cybersecurity
2.2. Vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks
2.2.1. Network / communication
2.2.2. Operating systems
2.2.3. Software
2.2.4. Web
2.3. Practical cases
2.3.1. General cases
2.3.2. Corporate / banking / financial cases
2.3.3. Industrial / infrastructure cases
3. Key cybersecurity controls and implementation methods
3.1. Access control and privilege management
3.2. Cryptography and digital signatures
3.3. Firewalls / IDS / IPS
3.4. Restoration / reconstruction
3.5. Backup management
3.6. Monitoring and auditing (tests / compliance / SIEM)
3.7. IT security management frameworks
3.8. Risks and risk management approaches

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