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Blockchain technology to investigate financial crimes involving cryptocurrencies.


Purpose of the program.

The purpose of this program is to familiarize students with advanced technologies for investigating financial crimes using blockchain technology and to develop competences for using technical means to combat money laundering and investigate financial crimes involving cryptocurrencies. Students will also learn to apply Crystal (Europol) tools to investigate cryptocurrency crimes.



Full program – 5 days / 25 hours
Intensive – 3 days / 15 hours
Introductory session – 1 day / 8 hours



Subject: Fundamentals of distributed registry technology

  • Definition and analysis of the basic principles and components of blockchain technology; background and history (60 min)

  • Advantages of blockchain technology; benefits for business and public administration (40 min)

  • Examples and use cases of blockchain applications in the real world (50 min)

  • Overview and comparison of the main blockchain platforms; differences in functions, capabilities, and selection parameters (40 min)

  • Classification of consensus algorithms (20 min)

  • Definition and classification of smart contracts (30 min)

  • Use of smart contracts in various scenarios and in production and business processes (60 min)



Subject: Theory and practice of applying distributed registry technology in the financial sector


  • Success cases of applying distributed registry technology in the financial sector (50 min)

  • Logistics, supply chain management, and the fight against counterfeiting (40 min)

  • Financial workflow and controlling interactions with suppliers and partners (40 min)

  • Legislative regulation of the application of blockchain technology around the world (50 min)

  • Current legislative frameworks and legal practices regarding the use of cryptocurrencies, mining, smart contracts, and blockchains as IT technologies (40 min)

  • Security issues regarding blockchain technologies; threat model (40 min)

  • Legal framework and cybersecurity (40 min)



Subject: Key trends in the application of distributed registry technologies in the financial sector


  • Forecast for the development and volume of the global market for distributed registry technology (30 min)

  • Challenges and obstacles inhibiting blockchain implementation. Factors promoting blockchain application (40 min)

  • Models of unified private and public blockchain networks (30 min)

  • Development of blockchain-based payment systems and trading platforms (40 min)

  • Creation of global payment instruments that make use of blockchains and stable coins. Creation of the Internet of Money (40 min)

  • Legislative regulation of cryptocurrency (40 min)

  • Why regulatory requirements to combat money laundering using cryptocurrency and the requirement to know your customer are needed (40 min)



Subject: Instruments for financial monitoring of cryptocurrency transactions


  • Crypto exchanges, crypto exchangers, crypto wallet providers, mixers, and other cryptocurrency transaction participants (60 min)

  • Creating a crypto wallet and crypto exchange accounts (20 min)

  • Overview of analytical tools for monitoring cryptocurrency transactions (40 min)

  • Comparative analysis of the functional capabilities and technical characteristics of analytical tools for monitoring cryptocurrency transactions (50 min)

  • Types of financial crimes involving cryptocurrency and their distinctive features (40 min)

  • Tools for monitoring cryptocurrency transactions (30 min)

  • Specifics of the application of analytical tools for monitoring cryptocurrency transactions by law enforcement agencies, tax services, and financial monitoring bodies (60 min)



Subject: Applying professional tools to combat money laundering and investigate financial crimes involving cryptocurrencies


  • Introducing Crystal as an effective tool designed for financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to detect and track illegal activities in the blockchain domain: money laundering, financial transactions related to arms trade, drug dealing, and ransomware (60 min)

  • Crystal Express, API, Pro - product descriptions and specifications of use. Crime investigation showcase (60 min)

  • Practical lesson with a demo (60 min)

  • Test task (60 min)

  • Defense of the test task (60 min)

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