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Information Security Awareness.


Target audience.

Employees who use automated data processing tools, information resources, and management systems.


Purpose of the course.

This course is designed to increase staff awareness of information system security and to encourage employees to smartly apply corporate security rules.

Expected outcomes of the course: This course intends to minimize risks for companies and reduce losses due to careless actions of staff while working with corporate information systems and restricted access data.



All details will be discussed while developing the training program.




Online training and tests.

  • Development of online training for distance learning

  • Development and administration of online tests

  • Complete training and testing platform

  • Full training support

  • Educational process monitoring

  • Online reports

  • 24/7 internet access

  • Flexible evaluation criteria


Staff notification and training.

  • Development and provision of information materials

  • Development of introductory documentation for newly hired staff

  • Development of a training class to raise the awareness and responsibility of new staff

  • Development and administration of cybersecurity training classes


Development of practical tasks.

  • Development and implementation of simulations for various target groups

  • Development and organization of motivational cybersecurity competitions


Development and production of messages and informational materials.

  • Development of information security messages

  • Development of product mockups

  • Development of print products and materials for distribution

  • Distribution and delivery of messages to users

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